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Frequently asked questions

Technical support and customer care

Check this answers if you have any technical issue with any of your products, if you not find answer, contact us.

Sales and shipping questions

Can I make an order from my country?

Yes, in AutoPolar we work with several shipping companies, so there is no problem to order any of our products, you will receive your package without any problem

After place any order, you will receive a tracking code for check it and know which will be the aproximated ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Actually we have a big distributor network, so we recommend always that before place any order, try to find a local distributor in your country, This means you will save time and money (shipping costs), and you will be able to get local support from your distributor. In the case that your country not have any available distributor, feel free to contact us for any question at

How much time will cost delivery of the product?

Your order will be delivered to your address after be processed in our website. Auto-Polar does not deliver to PO Box addresses.

The number of days between the order date and the date that the carrier first attempts to deliver to the given address can be calculated as follows:

1. Dispatch time (24-48 hours) = payment confirmation + order preparation + pick up by carrier
2. Delivery time of your parcel(s) depend on the carrier you have chosen. Carrier delivery times start from the moment you receive an e-mail confirming your order has been dispatched.

Dispatch and delivery times are given in working days or hours.

What kind of warranty have AutoPolar products?

Under the provisions of Royal Decree 1/2007, all products sold in our online shop benefit from a legal guarantee concerning product conformity covers all latent defects discovered within 2 years from the date your product was delivered.

For any other concern, please not doubt in contact with us for more information.

I need to process a warrantly claim (RMA), What must I do?

For make a warranty claim, make click on the next button, this will redirect you to a formulary. Please, fill all the fields and press on send button, very soon we will contact with you with more instructions.

Warranty claim form (RMA)

Still having some doubts, What can I do?

You can contact directly with us in the case you not find correct answer for your doubt or concern, Simply, fill the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will put in contact wih you as soon as possible. Other method is contact us at

I am interested in be distributor of AutoPolar products

In AutoPolar we are always looking for new distributors and partners for distribute all our products. If you already know them and you are interested in sell and promote in your local country, please not doubt in contact with us at One member of our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions of this website

For check all detailed terms and conditions of, please make click on the next button. Inside you will find all information available, in case you still having any doubt, please fill contact form at botton and one member of our team will contact with you as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions

Technical support questions

How can I install your products?

To install PolarFIS or PolarBT is very simple, please official documentation provided with the device for get instructions about it. In case you have any doubt, please create a ticket and our supporters will assist you in everything.

Create support ticket

Which vehicles are supported with PolarFIS?

List of vehicles and brands actually supported by PolarFIS Advanced :

  red_dot  Red fis display
  white_dot  White / Color fis display

Audi A3 8P   red_dot / white_dot
Audi S3 8P   red_dot / white_dot
Audi S3 Sportback 8P   red_dot / white_dot
Audi RS3 8P   red_dot / white_dot

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 (1K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Golf Mk6 (5K)   white_dot
Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 (1K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 (5C)   white_dot
Volkswagen Caddy (2K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Caddy (2C)   white_dot
Volkswagen Tiguan (5N)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen Touran (1T)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen EOS (1F)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen Passat (3C)   red_dot
Volkswagen Passat (36)   white_dot
Volkswagen Passat CC (35)   white_dot
Volkswagen Scirocco (13)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen Sharan (7N)   white_dot

Skoda Octavia II / Octavia II FL (1Z)   red_dot / white_dot
Skoda Superb II (3T)   white_dot

Seat Leon II & Seat Leon II FL (1P)   white_dot
Seat Alhambra (7N)   white_dot
Seat Altea, AlteaXL & AlteaFreetrack (5P)   red_dot / white_dot
Seat Toledo (5P)   red_dot / white_dot

Where I can find manuals for AutoPolar products?

You can find all available manuals in this page, simply go to products section and choose the device that you desire to download manuals. Inside you will find all documentation currently available.

I don´t know which type of FIS display I have, Can you help me?

For know which type of cluster (FIS) you have, simply you must check color of it. Here you have some videos where you can see all of them.

Red FIS White FIS Color FIS

For last, there is one exception that appears only in the Octavia II vehicles.
Put attention to this models, I attach information here :

  • Skoda Octavia II (Red FIS)
  • Skoda Octavia II Facelift (White FIS)

My vehicle will loose his warranty after install any of your products?

AutoPolar products not modify any electronic control unit (ECU) or any instrument cluster, so basically is a totally safe product for your vehicle.

Our products are plug & play and you not need to do any modification or soldering for use it, so you can disconnect easily at any time, and your car not will loose his factory warranty.

How can I update my PolarFIS?

For update your product with a new firmware, please go to the “Update zone” section. Here you can find a link to our official forum about how to update PolarFIS. This can be used for update any of our products, because is the same procedure for all.

Firmware update area HowTo upgrade (Video)

In the case you desire to update your PolarFIS device already plugged in your vehicle, before you must to put your unit in flash mode. Here will explain 3 methods for do it :

Method 1)
– Disconnect the battery of your vehicle.
– After this, connect PolarFIS via USB to your computer.

Method 2)
– Extract fuse F12 or F24 (5A value) from your vehicle.
– After this, connect PolarFIS via USB to your computer.
NOTE : For know correct fuse check values for see 5A (this is the correct one).

Method 3)
– Connect PolarFIS via USB to your computer.
– Navigate into PolarFIS and search option called “UPDATE”.
– When appears a message for connect, press OK button in your steering wheel.
– Now unit will allow you to connect and upgrade it.

PolarFIS not detected, What must I do?

First of all, please verify all this points, for check if you are doing properly.

  • Verify your type of cluster (color) and firmware
  • Verify if all connectors are properly pluged
  • Check that you not have nothing plugged in your OBD port
  • Check that your box is not connected to any computer via USB

If you already checked all this, and your PolarFIS device still not working, please contact with our support team at, and place there your problem with exhaustive information about your vehicle (brand, model, type of cluster, etc.)

Which parameters will show PolarFIS on my vehicle?

The best for this is know your engine ECU and check in our parameters table which of them will be available for your vehicle. You can download on this button :

PolarFIS parameters table

My vehicle not show all available parameters , Why?

Exists 3 main reasons for this :

A) Some parameters are only available for diesel engines and others for gasoline engines. So, have in mind that is possible you not will see all parameters available in your vehicle (all depends on your engine type).

B) Your ECU not support all parameters. Some ECUs not give the values of some parameters and this is the reason why we not show on your cluster (FIS display)

C) For last, another possibility is that you not have some “sensors” and obviously PolarFIS not will read it (for example oil sensor). In this case, the value will be shown at zero (0).

With engine at idle, boost pressure reading must be negative (vacuum), and value is positive, why?

What the Polar FIS does is to read the boost pressure from the engine control unit, and then read the atmospheric pressure also from the engine control unit, then subtract both readings (turbo pressure minus atmospheric pressure), and the value is displayed. If the atmospheric pressure is higher than turbo one, the value will be negative (vacuum while idle as you mentioned yesterday). If reversed, the value is positive.

So you are right and while idling the car should make depression (negative pressure). In other words, we do not design the engine, or your ECU or even the pressure sensor, we just simply read those values that are being updated each moment in the CAN BUS (written by constant telegrams by the engine control unit into the CAN BUS).

What I mean is that these are the values that the engine control unit gives us, we do not interpret at all. In fact, the PF03 hardware has no external sensor or similar, so if the values are “wrong” is why the unit gives them bad.

In fact you can check what I mean because if you use any 3rd party software such as VCDs (or even the original VAG diagnosis stuff) and perform the same operation, with the engine idling, read atmospheric and turbo pressure, and then subtract them, you will see how much gives you… it will be also positive even we all insists whole time on having a negative value that will be more real. This is crazy but is like this.

Honestly, we could invent something and subtract x value to what is measured, so that idling give a negative reading, but who would want an interface to read parameters of the engine if they are distorted or falsed? At least we think from this point.

PolarFIS updater shows me "_FIX", What is this?

For fix this issue, please contact with us at and send us the next information:

  • Serial of your product (8 numeric digits)
  • Type of product (PolarFIS or PolarBT)
  • Photo of the device (for know hardware version)

HowTo Fix issue (Video)

VAGCOM not works with PolarFIS connected, Why ?

PolarFIS and Vagcom uses diagnosis port for communicate with your vehicle. This means that can appear conflicts in case you try to use both tools at same time.

In the case you desire to use Vagcom, you only need to put in your vehicle any other menu (screen) outside of PolarFIS. Is not necesary to disconnect your unit, simply move to a screen where not appear any of the PolarFIS menus.

Update area

Firmware upgrade area (UpdateTool)

You can upgrade your product using UpdateTool software.

Please, before upgrade any AutoPolar product is very important that you check this section and read detailed instructions and videos about this procedure procedure.

Download Updater Tool

Did not find the answer?

Please, complete this formulary for any other doubt or concern. One member of AutoPolar will reply you as soon as possible.
If you problem is with a defective unit or warranty claim, please fill the reason of your problem with exhaustive information.

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