Emulate BT screen in your red FIS display, exclusive with PolarBT !!

Enjoy all the advantages of PolarBT in your vehicle with red FIS display. Installing our device, you will be able to connect a ECU BT for white FIS without any problem. 

This ECU for white FIS are more cheaper, easy to get, have more compatibilities and enable functions as AD2P Audio via BT (giving you possibility to put songs via your mobile phone and hear in your car audio system). All this will work like as a unit for red FIS, having the posibility of see BT Menu in your device.

PolarBT Technology

We developed this exclusive interface for compatibilize BlueTooth Handsfree ECUs for white dot cluster cars, the result is a new visible telephone menu in your FIS screen for red dot cluster cars. It works with both versions availables in market (basic or premium BT Handsfree units), and with all the models launched till now on the market.

NOTE: Due to technical limitations beyond Auto-Polar, in vehicles equipped with RCD510, it is possible that this causes Audio menu disappear after activate this function).

Installation is very easy and fast, you only need to connect to your vehicle and nothing more. For sure, is not necessary any technical knowledge and you will not need to cut or solder wires into your car (is a totally safe procedure).

You can adquire this product directly from our trustable dealers network. Contact them making click on “Resellers” at the top of this website. They will assist you with exhaustive information about our product and installation procedures.

Any other question or concern, please not doubt in contact with us, we will assist you as soon as possible.

3 functions in one box

– Bluetooth compatibility (main feature)
– Battery drain fixment
– TV-Free function

Another functions added is that solve battery drain issues with the newest RNS-510 Firmwares (from 26xx) in cars equipped with gateways prior to index K.

Usually users that face this problem need to change his gateway to avoid this battery drain, but with PolarBT you not will need to do it. There’re also a version with TVFree function that allows Video playback in RNS-510 while driving.

Support and updates

PolarBT is a dinamic product, with periodical upgrades (software revisions). This new revisions come usually with new features, support for more hardware configurations and general improvements.

All our products can easily upgraded via internet using a simple usb data cable that we provider. So, in the case new features or upgrades will be released, you will be able to flash your unit and get advantage of them.

Battery drain function for RNS510 units

PolarBT solve one important problem detected in the newest RNS-510 firmwares (from 26xx), in cars that have assembled gateways prior to index K. This make that your battery have drain issues and get damaged.

With our device, you not will need to change your gateway for fix this problem, simply plugging in your vehicle PolarBT will solve this critical issue.

PolarBT enable “A2DP”, What is this?

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source (typically a phone or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a set of Bluetooth headphones or stereo system). Such devices typically also support the AVRCP profile as well in order to allow for track selection and such.

A common misconception is that A2DP support is available on all Bluetooth 2.0 devices, which is not the case, and that A2DP is only available on Bluetooth 2.0 devices, which is also not true. A2DP support can exist in older versions of Bluetooth, it just was not commonly supported.


How it works PolarBT ?  Check here some videos

More information about PolarBT

  red_dot  Red fis display

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 (1K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 (1K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Caddy (2K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Tiguan (5N)   red_dot
Volkswagen Touran (1T)   red_dot
Volkswagen EOS (1F)   red_dot
Volkswagen Passat (3C)   red_dot
Volkswagen Scirocco (13)   red_dot

Skoda Octavia II & Skoda Octavia II FL (1Z)   red_dot

Seat Altea, AlteaXL & AlteaFreetrack (5P)   red_dot
Seat Leon II & Seat Leon II FL (1P)   red_dot

Seat Toledo (5P)   red_dot

After get your PolarBT unit in your hands from any of the official distributors or our online shop, you will see the next articles.

Package contains:

1 x PolarBT device (main hardware)
1 x Connection cable (gateway)
1 x USB Data cable (for upgrade)

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Terms and conditions

Installation manual for Skoda octavia (english) download

Installation manual for Skoda octavia (spanish) download

Installation manual for VW Golf Scirocco (english) download

Installation manual for VW Golf Scirocco (spanish) download