Introducing the new Polar CPC activator for MMI 3G and MMI 3G+ navigation units

Replace your old navigation unit doing RETROFIT for a new one. With Polar CPC you will be able to bypass the component protection and clone the data into your new unit in only few seconds.

Polar CPC activator

All the MMI 3G and MMI 3G+ units are factory protected for prevent the instalation in different vehicles. Now you can bypass this component protection with our device Polar CPC activator.

The procedure is very simple, you only must read previously the original protection data from your original navigation unit and later you will program in few seconds in your new navigation unit.

All this process is very simple, and can be done in only few seconds via OBD port, without need any computer or special technical knowledge (totally safe process).

Forget to visit any workshop or fight with complex softwares that can damage your vehicle, Polar CPC activator is the most secure solution for enable this function.

MMI 3G+ navigation unit working 

Navigation units currently supported

Polar CPC activator support this navigation units :

MMI 3G Low
MMI 3G High
MMI 3G+ Low
MMI 3G+ High

User manual (instructions)

You can download instruction manual for this product in english / spanish at this download link

Package description

After get your Polar CPC activator unit in your hands from any of the official distributors or our online shop, you will see the next articles.

Package contains:

1 x Polar CPC activator device (main hardware)
1 x Connection cable

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