Introducing the new Polar BTA activator for Audi vehicles

Enable bluetooth handsfree in your vehicle using Polar BTA activator, and enjoy it without any restriction.

Enable bluetooth handsfree in your vehicle 

In the new Audi vehicles, the only way to install the bluetooth feature is activating it via software on your MMI 3G unit. Now you can enable it yourself easily, with Polar BTA activator.

This procedure is very simple and does not need to have any special knowledge or disassemble your car. After this, you will get bluetooth communication with your phone, total control via MMI panel or steering wheel, voice control, etc.

Forget to visit any workshop or fight with complex softwares that can damage your vehicle, Polar BTA activator is the most secure solution for enable this function.

Navigation units supported currently

Polar BTA activator supports this navigators for enable bluetooth handsfree :

MMI 3G Low II (Radio Plus)
MMI 3G High (DVD)
RNS 850

Note : Units MMI 2G not supported

Package description

After get your Polar BTA activator unit in your hands from any of the official distributors or our online shop, you will see the next articles.

Package contains:

1 x Polar BTA activator device (main hardware)
1 x Connection cable (OBD port)

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