PolarFIS Advanced “Kessy edition” (PF03)

PolarFIS advanced is a electronic device oriented to the VAG vehicle market. It allows you to visualize the most important engine parameters in your vehicle without need any software or computer connected in real time. Plug PolarFIS device easily, get the control and start to monitorize everything.

PolarFIS advanced package contains :

1 x PolarFIS device (main hardware)
1 x Connection cable (gateway)
1 x USB Data cable (for upgrade)


More than 140 parameters ready to check

PolarFIS advanced allow checking of more than 140 engine parameters currently, depending on vehicle and model. The number of parameters increases every firmware update that we develop and offer to our customers periodically. As extra options, we include other important functions of diagnostics and comfort for common use.

Essential device for VAG chip tuners and remapping

PolarFIS advanced has been developed with the collaboration of several experts and companies into tuning / ECU remapping to create an essential tool, which in many cases eliminates the use of computers with diagnostic software. This makes that our device be a really interesting product for this profile of customer.

Other available products in the market require to install external gauges and displays but PolarFIS advanced uses the original display of your vehicle and allows you to manage all available menus easily with the buttons of your steering wheel.

PolarFIS advanced video review


Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 34 x 24 x 5 cm


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