PolarFIS Advanced : Update v0.5.3

We are proud of present a new PolarFIS Advanced firmware update for VAG vehicles with RED, WHITE and COLOR cluster. Firmware files already added inside the official support area, feel free to access for upgrade your PolarFIS device. [+] Fixed problem with menu “VISUALIZATION-SCREEN-ADVANCED-SCREEN INFO”. [+] Added ECUs update EA189 (ECUs affected with the “DieselGate”) [+] Added…

fix damaged box

Fix damaged box : HowTo repair PolarFIS software damaged

This issue happen after not upgrade properly one PolarFIS device (fix damaged box). Reasons can be that ActiveX or Updater Tool not works correctly, of have any problem during flashing (no internet connection, box unplugged during flashing, etc …) and leave your PolarFIS in this “zombi” state. In other cases, internal firmware is corrupt by other…